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The World Serpent is the newest god to arrive in Smite
Posted by: mmocs ()
Date: July 12, 2019 01:08AM

Jormungandr or more commonly known as The World Serpent is the newest god to arrive in Smite. Smite pits gods against each other and who would be the perfect entry for it other than the biggest god in existence, Jormungandr. Jormungandr is a very important god in the Norse Mythology and since the MOBA features a lot of Norse gods, Jormungandr is the perfect new entry for the title. It holds a very important place in the mythology and it is believed to be the only god powerful enough to take on Thor.

His ultimate is called The World Serpent and it sees Jormungandr dive down into the ground, crashing the enemies as he submerges and emerges multiple times. The official trailer reveals some pretty devastating combos and in right hands, the serpent can certainly cause proper havoc to the enemy team.Along with the new god, Hi-Rez Studios added new skins for Anhur, Wolfsbane Skadi, Deathbringer King Arthur and Dragon Prince Ne Zha among others. If you are in need of cheap Smite Gems, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “MMOCSVIP”.

His passive, called Immovable, is very strong and one of the main reasons why you would pick him in solo. He cannot be affected by hard displacement. This means he is not affected by any abilities that would push, pull, or knock him up in any way. So, Ne Zha cannot ult him, Kuzenbo cannot Sumo Slam him, and Geb cannot knock him back. Instead of being displaced, a debuff is placed on him, which slows him and makes him take 10% increased damage for two seconds. Immovable makes him a good choice against teams with a lot of displacement, especially as a lane opponent.

The World Serpent is Jormungandr’s ultimate skill. Upon activation, Jormungandr’s increases size as he prepares for a devastating attack. Upon selecting a target area, Jormungandr flies into the air and then dives down, crashing into his enemies as his body slams into the ground.

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