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Date: December 23, 2017 01:48AM

Performance appraisal , that dreaded term, has come to signify the end of the road for some and the beginning of promotions for others. Not something evaluators like to undertake, it is but a necessary tool in helping determine how well a business is performing.

The success or failure of any company lies with how well its workers – and bosses – perform. It doesn't matter if a huge amount of capital has been invested; if nobody does what they're supposed to it's only a matter of time before the business goes bankrupt. Since companies employ a number of people it's difficult keeping an eye on everyone's productivity. Performance appraisal can lighten this burden especially when appraisal forms are used as part of the many tools employed by human resources.

Appraisals as part of performance management

Rather than traditional appraisals, experts have found that performance management yields better results as it doesn't involve a cut and dry evaluation but instead works to create an office environment that is conducive to productivity. Employees aren't made to feel like they're constantly under the scanner and since the work place is designed such that they can perform to the best of their abilities, they know that when it's time for an appraisal, they'll be handled with much more consideration and less bias.

Clear-cut job descriptions for better productivity

As part of performance management and appraisals, it's best if employees are given a clear-cut description of what they're expected to do and accomplish. This way , no one feels ‘demoted' if they're asked to do work that's not strictly part of the written designation. For instance, an office assistant while required to take care of office-related work like maintaining supplies and filing might be required to cater to the supervisor's personal needs. This should be clearly noted in the job description so that the employee knows what's expected out of him.

The key point to always keep in mind is that many evaluations are subjective though they shouldn't be. This is the main reason appraisals are so dreaded by workers. A point system is also frequently used to rate performance but this isn't a clear indicator of the actual performance of an employee. So rather than assign points to an individual it's more logical to have a continuous evaluation perhaps by using forms that contain criteria against which a worker can be evaluated. If the criteria aren't deemed to be conclusive they can always be amended.

Benefits of performance appraisals

If done right, performance evaluation can be a great tool in helping determine where a company needs to improve on. For example, a call center that records low performance in tier-I could be an indication of insufficient training of first level problem-solving. In this case, superiors can set up training sessions so that tier-I workers are better armed with the proper knowledge to resolve issues.

Not everyone who's chosen a designation is meant to work as the designated post requires. Some are better off working as something else but it is only through an appraisal that employers can find this out. Likewise, superiors can decide if a worker deserves to be promoted or is in the running for incentives. This helps shape the career of employees.

Like we said before, if performance appraisals are conducted properly with zero bias , a great many things can be achieved. Employees will also come to appreciate just how invaluable a tool it is in determining their career path and will no longer be apprehensive during evaluation day.
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