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Things you should never do with your cartridges
Posted by: adtozhou ()
Date: January 10, 2018 03:34AM

In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the cartridge, print quality is actually very much depends on the cartridge. Toner cartridge model refers to the type of toner cartridge that can be used in this printer. Generally, the drum cartridge model that is recommended by the manufacturer to match the printer is used. Different models can not be used unless they are used twice. Cartridge generally consists of aluminum tubes and photosensitive materials, the surface is generally composed of three layers of material, and some special cartridges, the surface will have 4 to 5 layers of material. In addition to the first three ordinary cartridge, the fourth, fifth layer designed to protect the photosensitive layer, in order to protect the long drum cartridge life.

How you handle your printer cartridges is important for two very different reasons, firstly, even with their tough plastic exterior, cartridges can be very fragile when put under the wrong kind of pressure, with any cartridge damage likely to result in a loss of print quality. Secondly, faulty cartridges can pose very real health hazards, with strict precautions necessary.

As a general rule, cf217a toner cartridge should never be exposed to extreme temperatures or prolonged sunlight while the expiry date should also naturally be adhered to. In terms of directly handling your cartridge, common sense should always be applied. For example, excessively shaking your cartridge or dropping it onto a hard service could damage it irreparably. While meddling with the cartridge's cover or pulling out a cartridge while the printer is in use are both usually bad ideas.
In terms of your personal safety, if cartridge toner comes into direct contact with your skin or eyes, it's extremely important to wash and rinse out the respective areas immediately. However, if you happen to ingest any of the toner, it is absolutely crucial that vomiting is induced to remove it from your system, while it is also recommended that you visit a doctor. Cartridges may seem pretty straight forward and don't exactly strike you as outrageously dangerous at first glance, however, handling them both properly and carefully can save you all kinds of financial and personal difficulties.

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