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this is a typical shooting style for Quaresma
Posted by: qqaaew ()
Date: July 07, 2018 03:03AM

This game against Iran, Ronaldo created a chance from the beginning, Joao - Mario left instep pad left, C Luo broke into the restricted area on the left side of the door 10 meters away obliquely confiscated by Bellan Vander. However, after Ronaldo was locked up by Iranian players, he seldom got access to the penalty zone and only withdrew. And Ronaldo Ronaldo's free kick also failed to exert his power. In the first half, Ronaldo attempted long-range shots because he could not enter the penalty zone. He had responded to Wundt's cross and passed the door 30 meters in front of the goal, but the balenciaga race runners ball was obtained by the goalkeeper Bellan Vander.
Spain’s “Marca” stated that this is a typical shooting style for Quaresma. He received a ball at the edge of the penalty zone and used a shot from the outside of the goal. Shooting outside the goal is only an icing on the cake for many players, but Quaresma has turned it into his own basic skills. His right foot has a strong instep shooting ability and can be perfectly curved in any situation.
Quaresma also shared the pressure of Ronaldo's goals. After Portugal's five goals were scored by Ronaldo. It is worth mentioning that Quaresma and Ronaldo have been fighting together for 21 years. As early as 1997, 14-year-old Quaresma and 12-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo met in Portugal's youth training camp. After that, they not only became teammates of Portugal's U17, but also showed up in the club. In 2003, Ronaldo moved to Manchester United, Quaresma joined Barcelona, ​​but the development of the two is not the same, this is already air max 97 silver bullet a well-known thing.

C Ronaldo has become a superstar, and Quarlesma has not been able to enter the ranks of superstars. Even the position of the national team nike flyknit racer uk cannot be guaranteed. In 2004 Europa Cristiano Ronaldo entered the national team lineup, but Quaresma was defeated. In the 2006 World Cup, Quaresma was defeated again. In 2008 Europa, Quaresma finally got the chance, but it was not the main one. In 2010 World Cup, Quaresma lost. In the European Cup in 2012, he returned to the national team, but he still sat on the bench. In the 2014 World Cup, Quaresma was once again abandoned.
Shortly after the opening of the second half, Ronaldo was stumbled by the other side and the referee made a penalty penalty after watching the video playback. However, Ronaldo's penalty kick was obtained by the other goalkeeper. He also became the first Portuguese player to lose penalty kicks in the World Cup, and missed a good chance to tie Kane on the scoreboard.

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