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The first snow of 2013 w
Date: November 01, 2018 01:53AM

The first snow of 2013 was inadvertently dropped from the sky, and I was at the Zhongshan Square with it.erything in the park is crystal clear, and the heavens and the earth are all white.denly, there was a touch of golden color in front of me. I carefully looked at it before��it was originally a tree of plum, some were still flowerbeds, some had developed a weak but tough body, and some were still half. Open half-closed state. The leaves and branches of the trees were all covered with silver coats, and the silver leaves of the trees were shaken, but the golden flowers were still beautiful.he small stone bridge by the river, there is an ice-hanging spectacle, with a crystal-like luster. On the rocks on the rockery, the gray snowstone is faintly exposed in the mottled snow, and the stones are one after another, giving people a patchwork. A sense ofgrandfather is 69 years old. He is an old urchin. His cousin Xu Duo is 9 years old Marlboro Cigarettes Price. He is a little naughty. They brought a lot of happiness to my family.ah! Help!" I screamed, who? Who else, still not a little naughty Xu, take the monster mask to scare, scared and said: "Older sister Parliament Cigarettes, not scared!"ggle, giggling." I laughed. who is it? Of course, the old urchin is a grandfather. When I was young, my grandfather put me on his lap, and it was upside down. I laughed. My grandfather likes me very much and often gives me something to eat. Today, I gave me a box of chocolates. My grandfather will also tell a lot of stories Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Every time I listen, I listen to it and I can��t help iver, the most interesting thing is to watch them fight. As the saying goes, "Sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight", but they are both monkeys, so it is a veritable "mountain view monkey fight." "Yeah!..." The cousin yelled, and his grandfather��s eyes stunned, revealing a "fierce" phase. The cousin did not dare to go forward, waved his hand, and suddenly took a piece of beef from his grandfather bowl. . It turned out that he took the last piece of beef in his grandfather's bowl, and so on! I suddenly understood why the beef would disappear, why Xu Duo grew longer and fatter... No words, he actually finished eating the beef, God, did not leave me a piece. If I were a bird, I would like to fly in this blue sky and see the beauty of China. I were a bird, I want to be a lark. Spread my wonderful songs around the sky and become a place in the beauty of nature Marlboro Red. am a bird Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I want to be an eagle, protect the bird family, let the bird family prosper forever, my eagle will become the messenger of nature, not let the hunters bully we.

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