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Autumn is the season of r
Date: November 01, 2018 01:54AM

Autumn is the season of ripe crops and the favorite season for farmers. Gao Hao rose his face, and glutinous rice opened his mouth. Huang Chengcheng's corn kernels, like a golden bean, and Gu Zi smiled and bent, and we were smashing, and the soybeans were blown out by the wind. the orchard, an apple tree smiles happily, because every season, they know that their "children" can finally meet the big world, but there are also immature green apples..m, I want to go out with my brothers and sisters." An unripe green apple looked up and said to the apple tree mother., boy! You are not mature yet, you can't go out. Now, you will only be thrown away by people." Apple tree mother gently touched the small green apple with leaves Marlboro Red 100S, and said softly.t, Mom, I really want to go out. Please, let me go!" Xiaoqing Apple showed a pleading look. I hope that Apple Tree Mother can soft apple tree mother promised it. However, she seemed to think of something, immediately said to Xiaoqing Apple: "Children, if you want to go back to the orchard and go back to your mother Marlboro Menthol 100S, then you will go to the earth in the east of the city. She can make you back Mom's side!" Xiaoqing Apple sighed, immediately shook his body Cigarettes Cheaper, fell into the apple basket, pressed in the middle.our later, all the apples were sent to a large truck with apples. After a long journey through the day and night, I finally arrived in the big city. Xiaoqing apple was squeezed up because of long-term turmoil. It saw the rushing car everywhere Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, the whistling whistle, listening to the special mess in other people's ears, but the little green apple that has never seen the world, but it is a best song.oqing Apple quickly separated from his brothers and sisters. It was bought and sold by a grandmother whose eyes were already a little fuzzy. It stayed in the old bamboo basket; the old grandmother sipped on the side, holding a bottle of capped mineral water to sprinkle water on the fruits. Xiaoqing Apple, while enjoying the cool "shower", curiously looked left and right. In less than a moment, those beautiful, mature fruits were picked. Only the little green apple was left, and the grandmother took it back. Placed on the fruit plate.oqing Apple looked at this simple small house with only two rooms, a living room, a kitchen and a toilet. Suddenly an eight-year-old little sister came out. The grandmother handed Xiaoqing Apple up and said, "Qing Qing, come, eat this apple, and today my grandmother sells the rest." The grandmother said with a smile. While handing over the little green apple. Xiaoqing Apple saw this, happy thinking: Yeah! I finally have to be eaten! Although it is a little girl, my mother said that being able to be eaten by humans is an honor to be a fruit.little girl named Qing Qing took the apple and took a bite. Immediately shouted: "Ah! Acid died, Grandma, this apple has acidified the teeth of Qingqing." After Qing Qing finished, he threw the small green apple on the cold tile floor. the grandmother saw this, she comforted Qing Qing and said, "Qing Qing ��! Grandma threw the apple away." After that, Xiaoqing Apple was taken up. Xiaoqing Apple was afraid of it, and quickly said: "No, no. Don't throw me, I am not easy to come to the big city, no!" However, others can hear it that day. Therefore, Xiaoqing apple was thrown on the dusty asphalt road.oqing apple was overwhelmed by a tricycle andoqirth is screaming Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, please let me go back to the mother of the fruit tree! Please." Xiaoqing apple said with a sigh of relief.d the little green apple returned again - a few hours

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