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golden as imagined
Posted by: ylq ()
Date: March 12, 2019 08:47PM

golden as imagined, the willow tree by the pond is a bit dark green. Metasequoia and Chiba have not yet It was completely red, and the leaves fell a few pieces. It was estimated that most of them were taken away by the sanitation workers Buy Newport Cigarettes Online. On the lawn, four women and two men sat on the stone and talked and said something. The couple on the willow tree was quiet. Sitting, there seems to be no conversation, just quietly admiring the distant scenery. I took my mobile phone and squatted on the ground. I was taking pictures of the falling ginkgo leaves, the mobile phone leaning against the ground, moving diagonally upwards and left, how do you take pictures like this? of? What effect? ??He looked with a look of doubt, and curiously came over, and dropped something in his hand. I was surprised to see the damaged orange cedar leaves, as if the eyes had shined into a pure The soul. After a while, I handed the phone over. "Well, it��s pretty good. It��s no wonder I can��t afford a good-looking photo." He nodded. Every cell phone should have his characteristics. Let me put it. When I was shooting on the ground, I felt that there was a special effect. Of course, this was my own thoughts. "With some background blurring, look for some angles, just pat it like this." I told him in detail. Then came to the pond and took the new green willow branches hanging down. Of course, the couple did not know where to go, otherwise they did not dare to go. He asked again, "Mountain brother, do you know that the catkins are from a few months?" "April" I said, "This has to thank you. Last time you wrote a poem about willow, then I only checked Baidu." "That's OK!" He smiled as he spoke. He folded a small piece of willow branch and took it in his hand. I then folded the branch on the top, because the clip should be in the diary. It should look good at the ancient folds and say goodbye. I waved and said, "It seems to be able to exorcise evil." I laughed. In this way, he brought The willow branches are on the road, and I took the things on the road. It was just that he took it in his hand. I was walking in the pocket through a downhill mud road. We arrived at the opposite side of the road. This is a residential area, so There were many plants on the roadside, as well as flowers planted in the courtyard, and fruit trees appeared. In front of the house, the grapefruit trees were covered with branches. Because they were too much, they were not too big. They should be yellow and yellow. I have eaten. There are only two citrus trees. Of course, it can only be cyan at the moment. Because he has to go to the oranges, he can eat it again. The slender vines are wrapped around the grass, and they are separated by a dozen centimeters. The blue flower is only white in the middle Newport 100S Cigarettes, and stands with a white flower. This is a morning glory. The shape resembling a five-pointed star is only an ellipse, a pink flower, this is purple jasmine Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. Osmanthus is indispensable. Just this The whole tree is full of flowers. When the aroma is ten meters away and I clearly smelled a few staggered winding roads, I found that I have forgotten it for a long time. I suddenly found out that it was just on the way. The pair of grandmothers who met at the moment sat at the house and chatted with the sky, and the faces were full of amiable smiles. I took a few steps and went up to you! Do you know which way you can go out?" "That, another One is to go to the school, while talking, using a finger to draw a bit, the smile on his face is more brilliant, revealing some clear lines. At the moment, I really want to sit down and listen to some interesting stories about him. After saying goodbye to my grandmother, I quickly got on the road again. On the way, I encountered a large grapefruit tree. The fruits of this knot are not many, but they are all full. I seem to be able to see the flesh that is tightly packed together. The silvery fruit pieces are neatly arranged together. After peeling, remove the impurities, and then bite a bit and there will be a lot of juice overflow. That taste is probably a grapefruit-flavored marshmallow. It may also carry a bitter taste of fruit, plus a bitter taste, and at the same time exude a green grapefruit, which is probably the case. When I thought about it, I took out my mobile phone and took two shots. There was just one woman passing by. She must be thinking, sorry, these two young people should not come to steal grapefruit. Look at the face! Have to guard against it. It��s just that she didn��t have any defense, she just paused and left immediately. Of course, I didn't have any coziness, because I had already passed that age. If you really want to eat, who will stop it? Just rely on the little black dog that will report to the police? Or the environment that has nowhere to be seen during the day? Look for the dark night of the black wind, afraid that the tree can be cut. . However, this can only be considered at an old age, because it has already passed the age that is not afraid of that day. On the way, I made a wrong way, and I turned back and changed it. Then a good dog blocked the way, so it was replaced by another challenging road. I encountered a lovely flower from a chrysanthemum, a tender yellow pistil, a white petal, shyly hiding aside, a rose thorn across it, quite a hero to save the beauty. I asked the "teacher" to come to her to have a name that is as beautiful as it is called Aster. When passing by a family of mandarin oranges, I couldn��t resist the ��borrowing�� of one. In fact, they are still not mature, I just picked one of them a little more outstanding, and then gently put it into the pocket. When I came out, I couldn��t wait to open it. I suddenly smelled a scent, and my fellow partners not only sighed. "It��s good to follow the mountain brother. I learned it too. I also read it. I can still have some small gains. It��s worthwhile.�� I just frowned and rubbed my mouth. "Hey! Low-key and low-key" followed by "a bit sour, seeing you eat the waves" "OK, okay, not too sour" He showed a satisfied smile. Out of the village there, I am very familiar with this, after all, this is the third time. "Well, the first time is a freshman." "The second time is... um, I don't remember much." "The third time is now." I counted a few times. Then pointed to the other side, seeing a few from the Luzhu pretty. Also pointed to the other side, hey, there is a pretty beautiful pond, the water is blue, as to whether the pollution is serious and the color looks good, that is another matter. Look at the front, turn a corner there, and then go out and go out, you can come to where we just came. I was excited and pointed to the other side, and I showed a look of disappointment. Hey, man! It��s a repetitive, contradictory, and complicated animal. I watched the time, not too early, and it was nearly two hours. So we speeded up the pace. As for the scenery beside us Cigarette Wholesalers, it��s quick to squint back. It is like a good way to go downhill when climbing downhill, so there is less time spent. Plus the heart of the arrow, and some repetitive psychology. So I don't know how to look at it, and I have a relatively small time to stay. Of course, this is just my personal thought. As for what others are, I don��t know. On the way back, I pulled down a Miscanthus, because the things he liked were very interesting. When I was young, I loved to play. When I grew up, I saw my mood. I gently waved it in my hand and swayed the trajectory in the air. Cough-cough-cough" "Please call me Zhou Xianxian now" "Oh, it shouldn't be a week suspension!" I showed a smug smile. Isn't this the name of Yi Xin?" He showed a question full of doubts. I am a little good, I am joking with you! Why are you so stupid looking at my friend who is a wooden-headed bag, laughing and knocking three times on his head with a smile. I thought at the same time, Yi Xin, on the other side of the island, did you sneeze at the moment? Your friend in the distance is saying bad things about you Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, I don��t know if it��s sensed, I��m sure I can��t think of it, then I��m going along The road that has never been taken is of course to solicit the opinions of friends. It��s just that both of us like to take risks and don��t care about the troubles after going wrong, so we have a good place to go. Passing through a bamboo forest, then a downhill, is the old road paved with that old brick. The mud is very old, it should be a few people to go, but there is a kind of "feeling path" feeling. I think, after this quiet bamboo forest, will we go to the colorful peach blossoms? Or, go to a deeper mountain? The light in front gives me the answer, and we finally come. In situ. I think, no matter where I went, what happened, or reached a certain height. In the end, I still have to revert to a new place, after all, only here is yours. Just as you have come out with bare hands, when you leave, you will be left with bare hands. Just changed a place, and I still have something left in my heart.

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