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Suddenly I began to
Posted by: ylq ()
Date: March 12, 2019 08:48PM

Suddenly I began to like the city. I have not seen the sun for more than half a year. The mountains and rivers are interdependent and intertwined in the reinforced concrete of the city. Love is always a state Marlboro Cigarettes Website. It is a kind of joyful sweat that slowly oozes out from the pores of the body. It walks along the road of Guanshan Lake, sniffing the scent of muddy soil and vegetation. The little friends who live with peace of mind, as well as the breeze from the cool breeze, let the building live in the clouds. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, open your arms, and embrace the joy of your body for a long time. Don't treat you well, the sunset is still the end of the sunrise Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, always wearing stars and wearing moon. Hiding in the world that I think, trying to move forward, and paying without regrets, I also got a lot. Just, sorry, dear body, did not take you to wander around the world, always set it down at some point, everything, everything is already destined to remember the sunset, sitting in the Jokhang Temple In the rain, watching the mortal beings worshipping in front of the Buddha, the devoutness of the step by step, the devoutness of the land, must be in the heart of the heart, and it must be the light of the clouds in the past and present, the light rain on the cheeks, and The handsome little brother around, sitting on the square in the square, looking at the man in front of the suit, one person squatting in the rain, and getting up again, keeping this position, over and over again and again, the rain is getting more and more Big, he didn't mean to go, but he was so stupid as you and me. He just thought about it so far, watching, staying with him, thinking about why he was over and over again in his heart. Yeah, why, the white shirt is shining, falling in the rain, but a little bit of gentleness on his body. I can't see his expression, only a solid back, more and more determined. The rain wet the clothes, the temperature in the snow is falling lower and lower in the snow, and the rain wets the season of the eyelids. Here, the world is tolerant, and it can accommodate the sorrows of the world and the dust. Cool and thin along the turn of the meridian turned back a small partner, also came to the side, standing, simply chatting, the ultimate willingness is to go in the rain, go find a place, buy a string of bracelets. Is it the wish before leaving? Is it the last wish, or a promise, or just hunting the years, comforting the dust is, comforting the dust, a pot of old wine, a cup of tea, a light, a bunch of forgotten in time The rosary is that there are countless passes in the middle of the life through the streets, the dark night sky starlight, the rain in the air of four or five degrees, the tacit understanding of who did not buy an umbrella, do not know how far the end I don't know the geometry of the route. The water dripping from the hair has wet the face, and the water in the shoes has flowed out of us. How long has it not been so pleasant in the cold, I just feel the way forward, just feel the search, can be purely big Search for our existence in nature and in the body. With such humble and small existence, the five people have stood up as a wall, and they have come out of a road that touched you at this moment. It is also accompanied by wind and rain, and it is also bittersweet. Every step in the journey is a testimony, and it is forgotten. This should be a distant return to the future, this should be the time when the students meet each other in the past years, accompanied by life and death, the heart is still soft, or tears, the choice is still pure, still enter the store, We have been in the dark rain for more than an hour Newport 100S Price, soaked in a few, the first thing to enter the store is to find a place to warm. After all, it can only be a cool shuttle between the counters, looking for that edge to find a clear heart, to open a Buddhist edge. Planted in this world, the glass of wine comforted the wind and dust, but with a glance, I saw the orange beeswax, as amber-like, a drop of water, looked at it, tears came down. Perhaps, this is the tears of past lives, there are vague red dots in the middle, is it blood marks? All the separation is for a long time to reunite, the promise of the world, turned into a moment in front of the moment. Gently held in his hand, he has already believed that fate turned his head and looked at the elephant hanging on the wall. In Tibetan Buddhism, the elephant is also an opportunity. This is not going to be seen anymore. Goodbye doesn't know which world it is. The blue light scroll that I had been thinking about was suddenly turned into a distant future, and I rubbed the nose of the elephant. We, wait for the afterlife, this world, accompanied by a good blink of an eye, watching the little friends, everyone is picking their favorite bracelets, or blue bright amber, or Xingyue Bodhi. We have come to the red dust, and after all, there are some times when we are dependent on our own heart, and we are dependent on this natural shackle. The mess is gone, but it ends with the joy of everyone. Ming knows that going back must be a cold, but when you are away, you must drink ginger soup, take a hot bath and sleep for a few more times Newport 100S Cigarettes. We become so close, so sympathetic Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, it is from the soul, Let's meet each other from Wanshui Qianshan. Pity, gentleness, warmth, this moment, we are all such men and women. Thanks for the gathering in life, the other side of the flower between the reincarnation, driving to the hustle and bustle, but I don��t want to see it in the world. And we, in each other, are grateful, in the sea of ??people, among thousands of people, we finally met you

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