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helps protect the rest of the bod
Posted by: Labi1994 ()
Date: April 14, 2019 10:39PM

I can add my own close to home experience… one of my daughters, Kellyn, who is 13, had one. She greatly enjoys running and has been running her whole life either barefoot or in assorted racing flats that over the years I would scrupulously check to make sure they had no raised heel or arch support. There was no way, I as her mother, with all that I knew from my studies, would ever let her wear traditional running shoes. Now that she’s big enough to wear OESH, that’s what she trains in and only wears flats (track spikes – without the spikes) when racing.Back to Joe Maller’s post. His theory and his nice cartoon video about how these fractures are happening Nike Roshe Run Femme is not that far from what my research would indicate. Joe believes, and I agree, that these fractures are occurring later in stance, not at impact as Giuliani et al. suggests. But before I delve into my analysis, I need to first review why I believe most Nike Air Max 90 Dam all injuries, not just this particular one, occur when the foot is fully planted during midstance, not at impact. From there I can explain why the second metatarsal seems to be more vulnerable than other areas in runners who are running in minimalist shoes.For years, I’d been putting together force plate data with 3-D motion analysis data in walking. Combining these data and evaluating them in light of our clinical information (all the problems that came to our general clinic or to our specific runner’s clinic), we could finally understand how and why we get the types of repetitive Nike Air Max 97 Dam injuries we do. Remarkably, this had never been done before. You could say that the “a-ha” event of all my best research was synthesizing the force plate data with the 3-D motion data—this was the classic 1 + 1 = 3 breakthrough that every researcher Nike Roshe Run Womens hopes to discover. If you’re interested you can read more about all this in my post The Rest of the Story.I first started looking at the forces associated with knee osteoarthritis. But what I found applies to nearly all of the typical injuries we see. The peak forces stressing nearly all the injury sensitive areas of our body occur when our foot is fully planted (not at impact) and fully pronated. The specific forces at the moment of impact are miniscule and sometimes in the complete opposite direction to where injuries occur. More critically, the forces across virtually every Nike Air Max 95 Femme injury prone area are highest at two points in walking that occur well after impact – when loading weight onto the foot and when lifting the foot off. These injurious forces peak at one point in running – at midstance, well after the peak impact force.Our Nike Air Max 95 Damen findings are quite logical when you think about them – we’re at risk for injuries when we also have to support and transfer our full body weight. But they really do fly in the face of what everyone, (including the athletic shoe industry) has always promoted – that foot impact is what causes the really bad things that happen to bones and joints, such as stress fractures and osteoarthritis. To this, I like to say that the only way a cushioned athletic shoe can protect you from injury is if you are in a car accident and happen to have them strapped around your head.What is the effect Nike Air Max 270 Womens of a traditional running shoe at this critical moment when we’re fully supporting and transferring our body weight and are at risk for nearly every single common running injury, second metatarsal fracture included? The raised cushioned heel and Nike Air Presto Mujer arch support / motion control features that are both inherent to every traditional athletic shoe (not just motion control shoes) essentially freeze out the foot’s natural function in providing compliance that helps protect the rest of the body. Also, the cushioning, which doesn’t really give back in any physiologically meaningful way, just makes it harder to transfer the body weight, which increases peak joint torques at this critical moment.If you are running barefoot or in minimalist shoes, your foot is going to be freed to provide compliance at this critical moment. We’ve demonstrated that the foot arch compresses and releases in perfect harmony with the rise and fall of the peak body weight force. Of course, that compliance is good – it protects your body north of the foot from all the major injuries at that time. It also Nike Air Vapormax Dames healthfully exercises your plantar fascia and foot intrinsic muscles. Good, good, good! But it does put more stress through the second metatarsal than there ever was before.

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