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How to prevent floor bacteria bother
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: September 30, 2017 02:33AM

<p>Flooring is an important building materials for home decoration, we generally choose to focus on building materials when the floor material. However, we often overlook the floor of the deck and balcony drains antibacterial properties. In order to prevent the bacteria in the floor infestation of our body, in the use of wood flooring, we should pay attention to maintaining the floor.</p><p> In the vicinity of the balcony, the windows of the floor to avoid exposure, the best in the sun when the strong pull the curtain; secondly, to avoid wet, avoid wet wiping directly with water or other liquid food sprinkled on the floor, , To prevent excessive water composite decking essex penetration into the wood floor layer, resulting in mold, rot, should use wood flooring special cleaning agent to clean, to prevent the floor dry.</p><p> Cleaning is an important step to protect the health of the living room environment, the floor has been how to remove deck joint generated in the case of gaps should be cleaned to prevent dirt accumulation. When cleaning the floor, focus on the use of vacuum cleaner to absorb the cracks in the parts and debris, if the accumulation of dirt can not be sucked out, or the corner is not easy to clean up the place, you can use a small brush dipped in floor cleaning fungicide for scrubbing, Clean the fungicide and wipe it on the rag.</p><p> Wood flooring traditional installation method is used keel method, between the floor and the floor there is an overhead layer, keel in the water and usually infiltration of drinks, milk and other liquids can not be volatile, it is easy to breed bacteria and pests. The new type of adhesive installation method and metal keel installation method, you can avoid the wooden keel installation of the ills, viscose method is to use environmentally friendly floor glue to the floor directly on the cement floor, you can destroy the floor Hollow Composite Deck may be dust space. But should not use cement fixed keel, so as to avoid deformation of the floor damp.</p>

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