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his hand holding a very vintage floor
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: October 08, 2017 09:48PM

<p>Korea, Japan, more than 30 countries and regions,<a href=''>flow through dock decking in uk</a> is the first product through the EU CE certified company. Song Jianlong said Jinqiao Flooring Group's goal in 2008 is to continue to expand the scale of enterprises according to the overall strategic plan of Jilin Forest Industry Group and to achieve the acquisition of two solid wood flooring factories in the province. In addition, Jilin Forest Industry Group has decided to build a flooring industrial park in Changchun Lanjia Industrial Zone,coating for exterior plywood now has to pay 9.6 million yuan to purchase 17 hectares of land, this month will start construction. Will Lan home flooring industrial park into Jilin Forest </p>
<p>Industry Group iconic enterprises, playing a modern floor processing base. This year, will continue to consolidate and develop the basis of export, and vigorously improve the domestic sales network integration,<a href=''>lattice fence panels 8 feet by 3 feet</a> expansion and domestic sales policy adjustment, for the completion of this year's solid wood flooring sales of 500,000 square meters of the target. The Group's medium-term objective is to continue to implement the low-cost expansion strategy,disadvantage of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite through joining cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, etc. continue to expand the scale of production, and through equipment filling, technical innovation, strengthen management and other </p>
<p>measures to make mergers and acquisitions and joined enterprises as soon as possible Compliance, to speed up the construction of Lan home flooring industrial park,<a href=''>difference between relwood and wpc</a> and strive to put into production operations in July next year. Continue to strengthen management, the establishment of Jinqiao Group in line with the actual modern enterprise management model. Solid wood flooring production scale and strive to increase from the current 4 million square meters to 10 million square meters. Through 2-3 years of efforts, Jinqiao floor group to fight the world's largest,second floor heavy porch designs and photos for homes the most comprehensive strength of the modern floor group. The long-term goal is: </p>

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