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How to test the floor after the shop is paved
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: October 08, 2017 10:11PM

<P>It is understood that as early as 2006, essential oils began to appear solid wood flooring maintenance of essential oils, as the effect of essential oils,
iron board composite decking the industry said that the beginning of the oil is used for wooden antique, sculpture, mahogany furniture and other products, Refining, easy to penetrate these solid wood products play moisturizing, to prevent the role of chaos.</P>
<P>Solid wood flooring is used in the extraction of essential oils from flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots and other volatile aromatic substances. Essential oil extraction methods are distillation,
wpc decking floor heat resistance SGS CE 30s solvent extraction, oil separation and extraction, refrigeration and compression method.</P>
<P>High-purity essential oils are water-resistant, but the oil will still contain a certain percentage of water (about 5% -7%), so the essential oil just like the juice we drink,
Wood Plastic Composite Coextrusion Decking the lower the purity, possible impurities and moisture The higher the higher. And often in the deployment, but also a large number of mixed with base oil, and ultimately the real essential oil content and moisture content may be similar.</P>

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