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Application of Liquid Nitrogen in Vacuum Heat Treatment
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: October 09, 2017 01:37AM

Vacuum heat treatment requires nitrogen, with a variety of different sources. As the density of liquid nitrogen is much larger than nitrogen, the volume is much smaller than nitrogen, easy to transport and storage, but also in the large supply price is cheaper. Therefore, liquid nitrogen is one of the important sources of nitrogen used in vacuum heat treatment. Under normal circumstances liquid nitrogen transport and storage are stored in liquid nitrogen tank.
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Vacuum heat treatment is the more advanced heat treatment method which is being used at home and abroad. In vacuum heat treatment, nitrogen is often inseparable. For example, when the steel parts are heated in a vacuum furnace, if the degree of vacuum is too high, in order to prevent the alloying elements in the workpiece material from evaporating, it is necessary to charge the furnace with an appropriate amount of nitrogen to lift the pressure of the trace gas in the furnace.SH-1400T laboratory multi-function vacuum argon atmosphere furnace
In addition, in the vacuum quenching process of vacuum heating oil quenching, sometimes in order to ensure or improve the cooling capacity of quenching oil, before the workpiece cooling, to the vacuum furnace back enough nitrogen.
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