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production plant has been 'no rice pot
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: October 12, 2017 12:24AM

<p>president Li Wei said that these stocks can only guarantee four or five days of production, because it is now the floor sales season, when the enterprise demand for wood is very high, which for the substrate more demand,cost of a 12x10 composite deck in pennsylvania Of the substrate stock is basically in a zero inventory state. Therefore, companies have to continue to buy high-priced substrate. According to Li Wei said, macro resistance to purchase the price of wood has been from the original 385 yuan / ton rose to 565 yuan / ton. In the base material 'monk and more porridge'<a href=''>garden deck tiles malaysia</a> in the case, the strength of the floor of the enterprises to raise prices to further raise the price of the substrate. </p>
<p>Small business alliance bankruptcy 'after the payment of the day does not exist.'composite decking supplier bangor northern ireland Fidelity substrate suppliers said. They are the hands of farmers from the hands of the acquisition of raw materials can no longer be as usual as the first payment after the goods, forced by the pressure of working capital, some small and medium-sized substrate wholesalers can only require floor companies also cash payments. This change is largely a test of the floor business (especially small and medium enterprises) financial strength.<a href=''>outdoor keyed deck chair plans</a> It is understood that some small and medium-sized flooring companies have joined hands in the purchase channels and large enterprises to </p>
<p>compete, but because the substrate price changes too fast, this spontaneous consortium lack of special organizations, the market response is slow, often appear in the enterprise Between the price,how to open menards deck estimator profit and other aspects of the phenomenon of inconsistent interests, coordination is difficult, and ultimately this alliance to dissolution and ended. In desperation, many small and medium enterprises that have been considering conversion, ready to withdraw from the floor market. In some small investors ready to withdraw from the market, <a href=''>cheap floor tiles for sale in ghana</a>some floor companies are in the consolidation of their own foundation. Shengda floor, president of Jiang Changzheng </p>

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