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the floor monthly production
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: November 16, 2017 10:40PM

<p>their products not only to meet domestic but also to meet the export market demand. Since August last year, Hengyi solid wood composite new 'family sports floor'<a href=''>privacy fence slats home depot</a> listed, started the first shot in the transformation of Hengyi. Next, January 6 this year, stunning debut parquet floor pure European-style 'Venus Series' and is full of the Middle East exotic 'Egyptian parquet series.' March of the advent of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization purely innovative 'Magnolia series.' Hengyi's rapid product development has always given people a 'dizzying' pit near covered pavilion The advent of new products every time can always bring people a pleasant surprise, not to </p>
<p>give serious to the homogeneity of the Chinese flooring industry hit a shotgun card. Hengyi as innovation for business growth and survival of the road, insist on not fry,<a href=''>liquidation composite plastic wood panama</a> go down every step of the way. In the flooring industry to chase fancy gimmicks, stir-fry all kinds of speculation, the Internet every day, the fight is not good, Heng Yi is thinking: We are holding 'Hengyi parquet floor,' this piece of gold full of Signboard stability day? Or the brand bigger and stronger, the wisdom of Hengyi people continue to dig out dedicated to the community?non combustible decking manufacturers in canada The answer is: Hengyi = innovation, Hengyi only innovation. Hengyi parquet is Hengyi in the field of solid wood </p>
<p>composite bold innovation and another way, it can be said that the classification of solid wood composite subdivision and optimization, but also the origin of the wood floor decorative decoration firm advocate.<a href=''>fastener master dark brown decking screws</a> Hengyi in the field of solid wood composite innovation in the field did not ignore the first category of flooring products - laminate flooring. Zhang Hongwu, general manager of Hengyi floor architectural design professionals, seven years to strengthen floor product development and marketing experience. According to general manager Zhang Hongwu introduction:build a rooftop deck laminate flooring flooring industry is the first major category, and is still the future </p>

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