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"Muffle" and "burning silver mesh belt furnace without muffle" which is more ideal?
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: December 06, 2017 02:43AM

Whether or not a mesh belt furnace mesh belt furnace is used for heating and quenching, atmosphere protection, small parts or thin carbonitriding (or carburizing) ideal furnace continuous operation. What type of furnace is used mainly depends on the technical requirements and technological characteristics of the parts treated. Every mesh belt furnace has its advantages and disadvantages.
(1) and non muffle mesh belt furnace muffle mesh belt furnace, work smoothly in the forward movement of the mesh belt, no relative motion between each other, which can reduce the effect of quenching distortion.
(2) a furnace space mesh belt furnace than non muffle mesh belt furnace is much smaller, and its consumption is much smaller.
(3) similar to the bottom of the vibration furnace, a furnace temperature and furnace gas in muffle mesh belt furnace uniformity on the natural flow of the directional gas itself. Without the mesh belt furnace with circulating fan, the furnace gas temperature and furnace to produce axial convection gas uniformly, thus is superior to muffle mesh belt furnace.Induction usage vacuum furnace smelting fussing furnace
(4) from the heating element maintenance, without the use of mesh belt furnace radiant tube heating, the maintenance and replacement are convenient. A mesh belt furnace heating element of the resistance wire after several optimization design and improvement, its maintenance and replacement is also very convenient, two each one has his good points.
From the motion state of mesh belt, mesh belt furnace without muffle furnace is in inside the upper and lower parts of the back and forth movement, hot and cold alternating stress smaller network, network with long service life. And network with muffle furnace is composed of furnace hearth through external (even after a cooling water tank for) cycle, so that the hot and cold alternating stress, reduce the service life of the belt.
(6) a split furnace maintenance mesh belt furnace than non muffle mesh belt furnace is much simpler.Hot selling electrical bogie hearth furnace low tempering
(7) in muffle mesh belt furnace atmosphere in the regulation and control than mesh belt furnace easier.
From the above comparison, choose what kind of burning silver mesh belt technology, economic and other factors from the furnace into account, do not parrot.vacuum pump,vacuum furnaces,vacuum coating machine

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