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Shredding machine
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: December 06, 2017 11:26PM

Shredding machine is a kind of high efficient shredding machines, metal, such as ultra-light metal material of high efficiency of shredded, unlike crusher, crusher screen mesh can be used to control the size of the broken material, minimum can reach 3 cm, shredding machine belongs to the coarse broken, torn grain granularity of crusher is so small, mill torn out of the material is in the shape of strip shredding machine shredded particle shape and size of the ruling mainly in three, a number of claw of shredding machine blade, 2 it is shredding machine between the blade and the blade gap, the third point shredding machine blade diameter and spacing distance.Graphite heater Vacuum gas quenching furnace
The shredding machine blade determines the shredded material is exquisite, the number of the second shredding machine blade and the distance between the blade will determine the length of the shredded material size, and the third point shredding machine blade and the distance between the spacer size determines the width of the shredded material. The key to shredding the size of the shredder is also in the three points.sintering furnace Power metallurgy
Shredding machine as is the use of the blade have a claim, different material should choose different materials shredding machine blade, if you are to shred nonmetal material, soft material will choose the shredding machine blade hardness is higher, if you are torn metal materials such as metal, will choose better shredding machine blade of toughness and wear resistance, choosing the proper shredding machine blade, shredding machine equipment with you will bring a higher ustrial electroni cerami bell t e furnace for sale

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