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stop immediately, low energy consumption
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: January 12, 2018 04:12AM

<p>program settings The biggest advantage of heating floor is ready to use, people stop immediately, low energy consumption, the use of their switches are used to control the temperature controller, the market commonly used temperature control generally take 5 +2 or Multi-group program memory function, can realize time-sharing partition control, and set up relatively simple, for home use, according to the needs </p>
<p>of different time periods can be free to set the switching time, temperature, use of the area, a set to long-term automatic implementation, No need to adjust back and forth. Second, the daily use of the daily heating floor heating is simple, after the program set thermostat, only one switch button operation can be achieved open operation, the thermostat can be executed automatically during the program does not </p>
<p>require manual operation can also be achieved automatically switch Control, and the temperature controller standby power consumption is very small, usually only a few milliwatts. In the thermostat program execution, you can temporarily raise or lower the temperature as needed. Third, the daily maintenance Heating floor is to combo flooring products, in particular, to strengthen the composite heating floor, daily </p>
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