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floor more healthy
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: January 25, 2018 09:06AM

<p>professional deck per square ft cost<br />
professional inflatable boat floor board<br />
what is pvc sheet in uk easy installation</p>
<p>EHF801 wood-plastic floor to bring the forest home?Choose a good both beautiful and environmentally friendly flooring is the wish of each owner, solid wood flooring green harmless, good foot feeling, noise insulation; Wusu floor gloss beautiful, heat, impact resistance, mildew, moth and so on, Laying in the room, not only make the room appear to </p>
<p>be more coordinated, better, and its price is lower than the solid wood floor; WPC flooring beautiful, wear-resistant, stable, and easy installation, maintenance and so simple, consumers can according to family needs Choose the right floor. Today, SouFun evaluators for everyone to introduce a plastic floor - real wood EHF801.
Evaluation products: </p>
<p>Assessment details:
1. Three-dimensional feeling, create real wood effect
This floor uses the latest real wood grain technology, the three-dimensional visual arts into the floor surface treatment process, highlights the solid wood texture at the same time, creating a relief effect, showing the floor three-dimensional effect, so that more natural grained wood </p>
<p>texture, Raw primitive.
2.V chamfer, three tongue lock splicing
V-shaped chamfer carved structure, so that the long edge of the floor on the interface rounded edges to resolve the overall flat surface of the boring, elegant visual atmosphere, especially for spacious housing structure. Stitching the structure of the patent with three tongue lock technology, </p>

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