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Green ramon mill
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: February 10, 2018 10:04PM

The environmental protection ramon mill is one of the hot spots of the customer's powder investment. More and more customers are abandoning the pursuit of low price and starting to turn their attention to the energy saving and environmental protection of the ramon mill.
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For nearly two years, the state has been attaching great importance to environmental protection issues, and the supervision and inspection of production enterprises is very strict. During this period, the production line of the ramon mill that did not meet the requirements was discontinued, which affected the normal operation of the flour milling operation. It is the original purchase of the ramon mill cannot meet the requirements of green production.three Chambe Continuous Vacuum Brazing Furnace
As you all know, in this industry, industrial powder is easy to cause dust pollution to environment, it is also a lot of Raymond mill production factory has been dedicated to solve the problem, so environmental Raymond mill arises at the historic moment. The environmental protection ramon mill has injected fresh environmental protection ideas into the equipment configuration, solved the environmental pollution problem from the equipment root, and actually realized the green production.
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