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Electric furnace smelting
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 12, 2018 10:33PM

First, the basic requirements for ingredients:
1, accurate ingredients: the weight of ingredients is not accurate, easily lead to improper control of the chemical composition of the smelting process or cause the casting casting insufficient, it may also occur excessive consumption. The inaccurate distribution of the charge material chemistry will cause difficulties in the smelting operation. In severe cases, the smelting will not be carried out. It is generally based on smelted steel grades, equipment conditions, existing raw materials and different smelting methods. The accuracy of the ingredients includes both the weight of the charge and the ingredients of the ingredients. Taking oxidizing smelting as an example, if the amount of carbon is too high, the amount of ore will be increased or the oxygen consumption time will be prolonged; if the carbon content is too low, carbon addition is bound to occur after thawing; for example, S and P in the charge material are too high to give the furnace The operation has brought great difficulties, not only prolonging the smelting time, but also eroding the lining seriously and sometimes even stopping the smelting. In order to eliminate the above situation, it is necessary to master the chemical composition of the steel material and the iron alloy before the ingredients.and high production electric arc furnace steelmaking furnace induction
2. Principles for the use of steel materials: The principles for the use of iron and steel materials mainly consider the method of charging, the method of smelting, the chemical composition of steel grades, and the requirements on the quality of products. In addition, at the time of batching, it is also necessary to grasp the blockiness and unit volume weight of steel in advance. The general charge should be mixed with 30~40% of bulk materials, 40~50% of medium blocks, and 15~25% of small blocks or light and thin materials.aluminum mirror production line mirror glass production machine float glass coating machine

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