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How to maintain and clean the wooden floor?
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 12, 2018 11:58PM

<P>Floor furniture installed 24 hours after the furniture can be placed on the floor, within 24 hours to minimize the movement of personnel on it. Do not wash, polish, or cleanse with decontamination while maintaining the floor.</P>
<P>Surface painting of the cork flooring maintenance with solid wood flooring, usually six months to play a floor wax; usually just wring the mop or rag rub wipe. Hard to clean the place with a special cleaner to remove. Avoid strong impact on the floor, carrying furniture to lift the benefits, can not be dragged, furniture legs with pad.</P>
<P>It is recommended to shop in the door a rub pad, to reduce the sand on the floor wear. When leaving home, please close the window, the door, especially the faucet, so as to avoid rain and drip soaking the floor. Winter heating test water, the family must keep people, to prevent heating running water damage the floor.</P> "pintu plastik kitar semula ireland,clĂ´ture plastique en terrasse,pagar vinil untuk pengimport taman luar "

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