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anti-cracking mortar paste or paste the steel mesh
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 13, 2018 12:50PM

<p>attention to what matters? Here we come together to school insulation board The installation method and installation process. First, the installation of insulation board 1: standard board size specifications 300 * 300, the diagonal error of less than 3mm, cutting can be used for small cutting saw cutting, insulation board size allowable deviation of �� 2. 2: Mesh Closure: Doors and windows, deformation joints on both sides of the </p>
<p>sticky mesh cloth, the total width of about 200, part of the width of the flip package is 80, the specific practices are as follows: Mesh crop length of 180 plus plate thickness. First in the flip package wipe the length of 80 for the width of 2 dedicated adhesive, and then pressed into 80 long mesh cloth, the rest thrown aside. 3: The configured special adhesive smear behind the composite foam cement board, adhesive </p>
<p>compaction thickness of about 3, in order to ensure a strong bond, it is best to use a full touch method, also can use the sticky method and Article point method. 4: Sticky method: use toothed trowel knife special adhesive horizontal evenly wipe the foam cement board, the strip width 10, the thickness of 10, in the distance 50. 5: Article point method: Use a trowel in the middle of each board around and use special adhesive, </p>
<p>pvc fence and wood planks mildew proof<br />
polyolefin wall panels bathroom<br />
color match paint composite decking</p>

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