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Wood floor maintenance in particular need attention
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 13, 2018 09:15PM

<P>Ground uneven, uneven pits, floor pavement, moisture-proof membrane cushion broken, resulting in breathable, take measures before the floor is flattened the ground before installation. Paving, there is sand on the ground, there is no clean, moisture-proof membrane pad broken, resulting in breathable. The measure is to clean the ground before paving.</P>
<P>Moisture-proof membrane pavement junction no sticky, resulting in breathable. Should be moisture-proof tape sticky tape, the best width of 60mm plastic tape to ensure moisture-proof membrane is not breathable. When paving the floor to the interface with the wet interface, such as: bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other negative, the moisture-proof membrane should be back up, with moisture-proof membrane to wrap the edge of the floor, to prevent moisture into, reduce and avoid the floor in the area Discoloration and deformation.</P> "8 in 4 x 8 ft composite panel siding,cost to replace deck floor and railing,foam board sizes italy"

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