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Water-based paint has high flame retardancy
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 27, 2018 10:24PM

<p>When it comes to paints and coatings, the first impression of consumers is the concept of net odor, formaldehyde-free, and low-VOC. However, little is known about the function of fire prevention. In fact, the fire resistance of the paint is also very important. Fire-retardant coatings are applied to the surface of flammable substrates and coated with materials to mesin bunga plastik reduce flammability and prevent the spread of fire. General home decoration generally uses decorative surface fire retardant coating, and the surface type fire retardant coating is water-based paint. The coating expands and foams after fire, forms a fireproof and porous carbon layer, and has excellent fire resistance. For example, waterborne wood lacquer also has non-combustibility. </p> <p>Do not burst high security features. Fireproof coatings are also suitable for wood keels and ventilation ducts. Fire-retardant wallpaper can be sprayed wallpaper is to decorate, more composite panel roof prices per square stylish and better look. "In this way, the fire protection of the wallpaper is less of a concern, but the paving area of ​​the home decoration wallpaper is generally not small. What kind of wallpaper is fireproof? Asbestos paper as a substrate, while the PVC in the wallpaper surface layer</p> <p> The fire-retardant agent is added to the plastic-coated material to make the wallpaper have certain low price wood plastic boards in Italy fire-retardant and flame-retardant properties.General wallpapers and wallpapers can be fireproofed by soaking or spraying in a colorless flame retardant.PVC wallpaper is usually non-resistance. Burning wallpaper, new non-woven wallpaper can play the role of flame retardant and fireproof.The door panel must have fireproof snap wood tiles singapore treatment and the door is mainly made of wood, so the fire prevention factor must be considered when choosing.</p>

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