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Kaolin flour mill
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 28, 2018 10:20PM

With the development of science and technology, kaolin has been widely used in various industries. At present, kaolin mining companies will increase and standardize the mining of kaolin in the county, and improve the utilization rate of kaolin resources.Na e Lab rying Equipment Ce Set t e Vacuum Furnace
Kaolinite grinder is also called vertical mill, vertical mill, etc., is the necessary equipment in kaolin powder processing, and the equipment is not only used to machining kaolin can be used to calcite, barite and other stone, product fineness can be adjusted according to different requirements.
Used for Nitriding Pit Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace
The whole machine is a three-dimensional structure, which occupies a small area, has a strong system and long service life of the wearing parts. In the overall design, it is relatively reasonable to prevent coarse particles from entering the impeller from the end face of the impeller to contaminate the finished materials. Besides, it is made of high quality castings and profiles, especially in the manufacture of vulnerable parts.High quality coating PVD machine equipment system
Finally, the production capacity of the equipment is high, and the sieve rate is as high as 99% and the finished product is of uniform fine quality and high quality. The finished product granularity can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 80-325, to meet the requirements of various industries.
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Re: Kaolin flour mill
Posted by: xeniia ()
Date: November 12, 2018 01:22AM

Great post! I didn’t knowral of these resources and I’m going to go check them out now! thank for sharing news today

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