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Cisco and Huawei switch local connection configuration methods and differences
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 28, 2018 10:27PM

<p> First, preparation: 1, a computer, preferably a laptop, because it is easy to carry. Also, secureCRT software is installed in the computer, and USB-to-serial drivers are installed. 2, prepare a console line。Switch/Router/WLAN, Communication Solution Provider</p>
<p>Second, the link needs to export the configured Cisco switches: 1. Plug the USB port of the console cable into the computer and plug the other end into the console port of the switch. In this way, the physical connection is completed. 2. When the physical connection is completed, the computer will prompt to install the driver. The installation of the USB to the serial port can be done. We will not elaborate on the specific steps for installing this driver.WLAN, Access Communication Equipment Supplier</p>
<p>3. After the driver is installed, check the port number and remember the port number. 4. Open secureCRT, (Note that if the software is used on this computer for the first time, some newcomers will not understand the situation at this time, because at this time you may not have successfully installed the software, as long as it is found in the text file of the installation software. The corresponding key can be installed as prompted.)Transmission and Storage Communication Equipment</p>

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