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Pavement flatness of wooden floor
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: March 29, 2018 12:25AM

<P>Mao ground cleaning: using a special blade to remove the plaster, paint, cement, and other protruding pieces on the ground, and vacuum the original ground, leaving no dust, leaving the floor cleaner. Mao ground repair: Find the original floor defects, exquisite fine chisel, in order to improve the original ground flatness, to do not miss.</P>
<P>Ground sanding and vacuuming: The ground is ground with a grinding machine, and the flatness of the ground is accurate, so that the error with the surrounding ground is controlled within 2.0 mm. Facade finished product protection: Protect the edges of furniture that may be encountered. Painted interface agent: roller interface agent, first hand-coating the corner of the wall, which is the best sorbent of the original ground and self-leveling cement, to ensure that the ground surface layer and the self-leveling cement are closely bonded, and have a certain moisture-proof function.</P>
<P>Stirring self-leveling cement: Stirring self-leveling cement, must use professional tools to stir the self-leveling cement, under the action of the rotating force of the stirring head to make the self-leveling cement more uniform and delicate. Fuping Self-leveling cement: Fuping self-leveling cement: After the cement is stirred, it should be poured into the construction site as soon as possible so that the self-leveling cement can uniformly control the self-leveling construction thickness of 2.0-3.0 mm without wind.</P>
<P>Self-leveling cement exhaust: For self-leveling cement exhaust, after the leveling, the exhaust drum should be used as soon as possible for deflation treatment, construction workers must wear spikes to improve the strength and quality of self-leveling cement. Self-leveling cement grinding and vacuuming: grinding self-leveling cement, removing burrs on the surface of the self-leveling cement or individual height differences, further fine-leveling treatment, and vacuum treatment of the ground to prepare for pre-gluing.</P>
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