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Wood floor installation process should pay attention
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: July 11, 2018 01:54AM

<P>From the perspective of the installation process of two kinds of cork flooring, the lock-type cork flooring has the characteristics of simple and quick paving, and is in line with the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people. It is in line with the world's floor installation trends, home users, and workers' one-time visit. Can be completed.</P>
<P>The paste-type cork flooring adopts a more traditional installation method, which is relatively time consuming and requires self-leveling of cement. After the ground is dry for 7 days, the cork flooring can be paved and the whole needs 2-3 visits. The time span is 10 days. Around, so the paste of the pavement cost is much higher than the lock-style cork flooring.</P>
<P>From the perspective of the environmental performance of two kinds of cork flooring: Because the raw materials of cork flooring are renewable, each tree can be stripped once every nine years, so it is not destructive to forest resources and the global environment. In terms of indoor environmental protection, lock-type cork flooring uses high-density boards and natural cork materials that meet international environmental standards. The manufacturing process is complex. Repeated and stringent high-temperature and high-pressure treatment makes the cork flooring products pollution-free and the paving process is adopted. No glue-locking installation, more environmentally friendly.</P>
<P>In contrast, the adhesive cork flooring itself is also environmentally friendly, but the installation process requires the use of adhesive and the ground connection, the user should pay attention to the type of floor glue in the selection of adhesive cork flooring, at present, the optional high-quality flooring adhesive Henkel's Rubber, a German imported water-based cork flooring adhesive, is a good choice.</p>

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