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Huawei smart home router Q2 won the award
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: July 11, 2018 03:24AM

As the core of the entire smart home ecosystem, Huawei staff demonstrated the award-winning product "HUAWEI WiFiQ2" router. Huawei router Q2 realizes 100G broadband non-destructive coverage of the whole family (1G PLC + 867Mbps full mesh Wi-Fi Hybrid) through dual-channel Gigabit networking technology. At the same time, it adds Gigabit power line communication technology and solves the problem of relying on Wi-Fi trunk. The main and sub-separation cannot be too far apart, and the installation location of the sub-route is very limited. It really realizes where the signal is not well inserted, and perfectly solves the problem of complex apartment coverage;

In addition, Q2 realizes multi-route and dual-band automatic unification into a Wi-Fi name. The entire Wi-Fi network can sense the signal strength of the device in real time, always automatically connect the best network for the user, and realize a Wi-Fi name. Switch the optimal network in milliseconds; plug and play, without any configuration (Satellite).

As the smart home hub, Huawei router Q2 enables efficient local control of the entire smart home system. Q2 can connect to all smart home devices and respond to milliseconds after receiving instructions. It is faster than other smart home solutions processed through the cloud and does not rely entirely on external networks.

So far, Huawei HiLink Smart Home Alliance has cooperated with 50 brands, 30 categories and 300 models, among which cooperative home appliance manufacturers are well-known brands in various industries. It can be said that Huawei has established a smart home ecosystem through routing Q2, realizing the true sense of smart home connectivity, bringing a better and more connected smart life to consumers.

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