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The advantages of pure solid wood flooring
Posted by: qianyuqianxun ()
Date: July 12, 2018 05:18AM

<P>Everyone knows that the installation of wooden floor is enough to reserve gaps, otherwise the solid wood floor expansion process produces a slight arch that is difficult to observe with the naked eye, so that there is already a gap between the solid wood floor and the keel, so when walking Shaking up and down the solid wood floor will produce a sound of friction. The occurrence of this kind of noise is also very common, so it is necessary to reserve enough gaps during installation. If this happens, do not rush to refurbish the reloading process. Generally, you can first look at the dampness of solid wood flooring. The effect is that if the solid wood floor is seriously deformed after being exposed to moisture, the tightly pressed state of the solid wood floor will no longer make a sound.</P>
<P>When the solid wood floor is installed, the damp-proof film is not lifted by the cushion, the moisture on the ground will fall into the back of the solid wood floor, and the solid wood floor will cause slight warping and distortion. On the top of the keel, the solid wood floor is like a seesaw, and when the people walk, the sound will appear. This kind of noise is generally difficult to repair. The best way is to reinstall it.</P>
<P>After the installation of solid wood flooring, the sound of walking around is a common problem. The most important thing is that everyone must prepare before installing the solid wood floor, so that after the installation, there will not be too many problems, affecting the use of wood floors.</P>
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