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Everything about Canada Post-graduation work permit
Posted by: talentconnected ()
Date: May 14, 2019 01:53AM

Canada’s post-graduate work permit program is designed to attract dynamic individuals from around the world. The program selects the eligible candidates and gives them the support they need to build, compete on a global scale and provide growth to Canada’s economy. Seek help from a registered Canada Immigration consultant in India, as they can help guide one, easily through the process and prerequisites.

How to apply for a PGWP?

To qualify for the post-graduation work permit visa, the applicant must hold a valid temporary status and should have graduated from an eligible designated learning institute (DLI). The applicant must also submit proof of the following criteria:

• The applicant has completed a professional, academic or vocational training program of at least 8 months at a registered university in Canada.
• The applicant has maintained a full-time student status in the country and submitted that as a part of their post-graduation work permit application.
• The applicant has received an official letter confirming that the applicant has met the prerequisites to complete the program of study from the eligible DLI. The official letter is to be attached to the PGWP application.

From 180 of applying for the visa, the applicant must also meet one of the following criteria:
• Currently hold a valid study permit, or
• The applicant held a study permit, or
• The applicant was authorized to study in Canada without the need to obtain a study permit by the government of Canada.

Canada facilitates on the goal to make international students and graduates to plan a long-term career in the maple country. The immigrants do not only earn professionally but also benefit from permanent residence. Take help from an expert or a Canada Immigration Consultant in India to know more about perks and benefits.

The post-graduation work permit is an open work permit and is valid for a maximum duration of 3 years. The visa is an open permit, allows the holder to work in any location of Canada, under an employer.

Which are the eligible DLI?

• The DLI must be a public post-secondary institute.
• A private post-secondary institute that operates under the same rules as of a public institute in QUEBEC.

• A private secondary or post-secondary institution in the province of QUEBEC which offers

900 hours or more and leading to DVS or AVS.

• A private institution authorized by the provincial statue to confer degrees.

To know details about the eligible designated learning institutes, it is highly recommended for the applicant to get in touch with a registered Canada Immigration Consultant in India, to know more about the DLIs.

The duration of the Post-graduate work permit depends upon the length of the study program.

• Less than 8 months – Not eligible.
• Between 8 and 24 months – Valid for the same length as the study program.
• 24 months or more – Valid up to 3 years.

For more information regarding Canada immigration and eligibility criteria in detail, get in touch with our Canada immigration Consultants in Delhi and get a FREE Counselling session. Call us at for 011-40391555 (CP) / 011-40040850 (NP) Toll Free: 18001218299or write to us at

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