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Tops that enhances you and look stunning
Posted by: cramerjohn004 ()
Date: May 14, 2019 12:06PM

Ongoing market research has proved that the fashion wear which is mostly liked by a women are tops. Tops are comfortable to wear and are available in a variety of choices. The mostly common outfit that you see a women wearing nowadays is a trouser with a top. Tops go well with any bottom you prefer wearing. For daily wear a woman does not require to buy an expensive top. Rather she can go for the options of cheap tops.

What matters the most is the fittings of the tops

Women who are working generally want a top that suits her attire. In workplace the most demanded tops are a slim fit top. Slim fit tops generally are the tight fitted body ones. These slim fit tops are worn by women of perfect body structure. Other tops that are available like body loose tops. These tops are of baggy looks. Wearing theses tops you feel relaxed. Check out the website named Luvyle for more variations.

Take colors as a challenge

Women should buy a top that suits her skin complexion and texture. Tops are available in a variety of colors. Tops are there in the market from a bright color to a dull color as well. Light colors tops are always preferred during a sunny day. Fluorescent color tops are there too. One wearing theses tops should be very confident as these eye chocking colors and do not suit everyone. To be in a formal look one should always prefer wearing a white top. These above mentioned tops are available from a high range in the market to a low one. You can look stunning even in cheap tops. It’s just how you are carrying it out.

Pattern or layout of the top

Before you purchase a top think properly as in for which occasion are you buying that particular top. If you are buying a top for a family gathering or for festive occasion then the top should be of some ethic looks. It should have some embroidery with good pattern and design. Pastel shades go well for festive purpose.

Women having short height should avoid wearing a top with horizontal lines as it will make her look shorter. If you wear a top with vertical lines, it may make you appear taller as well as slimmer. All these vast options for tops are available online on Luvyle.

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